Saturday, January 24, 2009


I don't even know where to start today........I was awoken by my phone going off with a text message saying pray for Dey Krahom the people have encircled the slum and are ready to come in.This is a slum that 120 families have title to the land they are on .The government and a development company named 7NG are in collaboration and the people with title were offered one of two choices take another piece of land and they would move you out there or 20,000 dollars.The land they are on is worth 44 million dollars.One hundred and twenty families times 20000 is only 2.4 million just a little over 5 % of the worth of the land.The poeple can not get anything in the city for 20K and if they were to take the property offered outside the city they would have no way of making a living ,their children wouldnt have schooling and electricity is by generator.Most families depend on a small micro-business to survive such as a small vegetable stand or food cart.

I was involved during the week with the negotiators for the community who were only asking for 50k from the developers and city they were given the runaround until today.
Watching people who had shared their struggles and conflicts with the government with me and whom I was helping in regards to making justice signs etc. was just heart wrenching.To see all there negotiations and hopes and dreams shattered by a bulldozer and a huge police presence was brutal to say the least.To watch little girls walking around who were now homeless and crying trying to sift through the rubble of their homes to salvage something of value before the dozers took another run was trying.

I was able to slip through the police presence ,God was leading the way and able to get a lot of pictures and video which I hope to share.I dont know how videographers do it ,I had to put down the camera and really pray about what was appropriate .I realize that people need to know but there was something about not jsut beoing a witness with the camera but being a witness with my heart that was more important.

I was disappointed in man watching people's lives being destroyed for the almighty dollar.

I was with my small group and got into a somewhat heaed argument about real estate speculation and investment in just need to see this once to understand the devestation to families and individuals by greed.I hope that as westerners invest in developing countries they really know the full effect of their investment.You might actually think you are helping a country but the money doesnt reach the poor it just makes them poorer.

The rich get richer............well maybe on earth

The police werent too happy about my camera or me being there period .I was there for a few hours but as I was leaving I noticed the police were coming towards me with intention .So I turned and started going in the other direction.Obviously I knew they would be wanting my camera so I deftly removed the memory card so when they grabbed me and took my camera the evidence wasnt there.They were none to friendly especially after finding no memory card in the camera after awhile they released me and let me go on my way.....It has been tough processing today but it is so true that" where you stand determines what you see" I am glad I was there to be a witness and I pray that I will step up quicker and always when I see injustice around the world or at home

Isaiah 61:8 "I the Lord love justice"

I want to love what He loves what about you?????????

God bless
Pray for the families that lost their homes today and pray for the people that have to live with what they have done .I am glad I am not the one who judges I dont know if I have that much Grace in me.

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  1. My Brother,

    My prayers are with you and the families, it really takes a love beyond my capacity to pray for the people who have done this, but I will try.

    Thank-you for posting, though I am not there in person, reading this really opened my eyes and broke my heart.